BizBond Academy is the sister concern of BizBond Group, working with the motivation to ensure education in everyone’s reach. We venture to assure minimal expenses to get a better education conducted by the reputed teachers all corners of Bangladesh for you. To carry out these endeavor efforts successfully, we urge you to follow our conditions given below to assist us.


a. You have to be at least twelve years above to join our education website.
b. For the guardian users, you have to be eighteen years above. Your issues can use our website logging your account for education purposes only.
c. Please do not request to reconsider your accounts if you get banned from us. We have certain circumstances to ban our members from observing their behaviors. Therefore, maintain all the rules imposed by BizBond Academy. We appreciate the sincerity.
d. For a professional development course enrolling, please add all the necessary information.

Account Management

a. Create your account, providing authentic information, e.g., e-mail, address, mobile phone number, school/college, etc.
b. For guardians' user account, please provide exact details on your email, address, occupation, credit/Debit card number, etc.
c. Use your account by own and do not share it with others.
d. Use a unique user name and secure password to make your account protective. Remember, we do not keep your password. You are responsible for keeping your account password safe.
e. Do not hesitate to inform us immediately if you find any insecure potentials about your account that may cause harm. Remember, your security is us the top priority.


a. Respect others' ethics, cultures, values, and ethnicity.
b. Be polite with your course teachers and all other members of the BizBond Family.
c. Maintain your enrolled course’s schedule strictly. You will be dropped automatically missing three consecutive classes from your enrolled batch. In this case, you can re-enroll your session with the next upcoming batches paying an extra 50 percent of the course payment.
d. Attend all the exams conducted by your course teachers. e. For guardians, it is mandatory to join a weekly meeting to get informed about your students. You can discuss progressions, ways to improve their skills. Besides, we suggest what to do more to improve themselves. Moreover, we take your wise suggestion to improve the service. Remember, we appreciate your recommendation.

Prohibited Acts

a. Avoid using abusive, hateful languages about any culture, ethnicity, belief, and any community.
b.To do misbehave with your course teachers, instructors, support team, or any family member of BizBond. Remember, we consider all of our staff, officials, employees and others involving in BizBond as our family no matter the role they play.
c. Do not disfigure any of our copyright contents.
d. Do not share any of our content at any social media platform without authority permission.
e. Do not share any content on our social media or website that advertises our competitors’ products.

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