A Complete Guideline to Start Your Freelancing Career: How to Start Freelancing Career in The Context of Bangladesh –All-Pros and Cons, And Ways to Make Your Journey Safer & Sound.

The majority of the population of Bangladesh is young. young people can change the pace of the economy of a country. The number of people aged 18 to 35 years of the total population is now more, which is about 60 percent of the population and Between 2015-2016 this percentage was above 40 percent (Reinman, 2017)1. When the number of young people of any country is proportionate to the highest, they are called Demographic Dividend or Demographic Bonus. This condition is again called Windows of Opportunity (Reinman, 2017). Through this, the potential for the development of a country can be opened. And if they cannot be used properly at the right time, then it will cause a burden and serious danger for any country (Bdjobs.com, 2019). This highly educated Bangladeshi skilled people can be one of the most effective solutions to be made as online outsourcing or as a freelancer.

About Bangladesh

Bangladesh is ranked 3rd position where most of the freelancers working at international marketplaces. In spite of this good position, Bangladesh is far behind in terms of quality works than the freelancers from the developed countries (নিজামী, বোরহান, and হুসাইন, 2019). Therefore, Bangladeshi freelancers must have competitive skills to compete with freelancers of developed countries. But in the dream of becoming a freelancer to get succeed, it is full of speculation and misunderstandings (Decker, 2016). the dream carrier can reach the doorstep of freelancing, there is no doubt about it, but there are enough confusion, anxiety, and anxiety (The Balance Small Business, 2019). For this reason, it is important for Bangladeshi young enthusiastic to get the comprehensive idea first about freelancing job and all the requirements to be a skilled freelancer.


If you like freedom, feel free to work from home or anywhere, freelancing job is for you. Generally, Freelancing means to work completely independently (Hilde, 2013). There are many who give an idea about freelancing that is a great source of earning the lucrative amount of money working in your favorable timeframe- yes, it is, but it is the result of much hard works and experiences (En.wikipedia.org, 2017). Remember, Freelancing is not the medium of planting any fingerprints. Yes, the way you work in the office, the same thing should be done here (Islam, 2019). Therefore, it is clear that the only difference is that you can sit at home and get as much work as you can and work standards should be internationalized.

Works as freelancers

The works of freelancers are diversified because every day the category of working is updated being it’s needed. You can successfully create yourself as a freelancer in one or more among these many areas of technical fields such as digital marketing ( CPA marketing, PPC, SMM, online ad marketing , YouTube marketing, e-mail marketing etc.) , programming, graphics design, website, games, 3D animation, project management, software bug testing, data entry and so on (Gillivan, 2018). But in the beginning, you have to prepare yourself for a little bit of a sense of humor and a few things. This report is designed so that you can express yourself successfully as a new freelancer (FreelancerStory.Com, 2019).

Prerequisite to start freelancing career

First of all, you will need to be an expert in the sector that you want to do freelance with. If you are proficient in one of the relevant sectors that freelancing deals with, then you will be eligible to work as a freelancer (Work Brighter, 2017). Most of the clients here in the marketplace are foreigners, naturally you will not be able to with your native language, Therefore, to communicate with them, you have to be good at English, Besides, your experience always matters to get more works (Anon, 2019). Remember, the more experience you have, the more likely the job is.

To make your freelancing career successful, you should follow these following instructions

  1. Be an expert on any of the sectors freelancing deals with. It is like a hard nut to crack to be an expert by own-self. So, it is important for you to get trained up under the supervision of a reputed organization that will guide you to be self-proficient and self-reliant for freelancing jobs (Gillivan, 2018). To know more please visit https://bizbondit.com/
  2. Keep patience and do your job so that you can compete in the international marketplace with the others (Anon, 2019)
  3. Just follow the instruction of the experts who will teach you because their sincere advice will guide to explore yourself as a pro on the freelancing arena (Anon, 2019).

How to make an effective profile for freelancing jobs?

To make an efficient profile for freelancing job, just the follow the instructions given below

  1. Use your name properly (Zakaria, 2013)
  2. Must use the best quality vivid images which would be appropriate to professionalism (Zakaria, 2013)
  3. Write an appropriate eye-catching title for your job and your efficiency so that your clients would be interested in you (Zakaria, 2013).
  4. Describe your previous work experience in overview and the ones you have learned (Zakaria, 2013).
  5. Give a skill test on that subject you wanting to provide your clients (Zakaria, 2013).
  6. Add your previous workfile/links as your portfolio (Zakaria, 2013)
  7. Make sure your profile is completed 100% (Zakaria, 2013)
  8. Make yourself unique do not copy from others (Zakaria, 2013)

What kind of work is more demanding?

Digital marketing

It is one of the most popular talks all over the world. There are many people who are working as digital market experts in the international marketplace. You can choose this one to be an expert on it (Digital Marketing Education – DigitalNovas, 2019). Remember digital marketing is a vast place which is consisted of (CPA marketing, PPC, SMM, online ad marketing, YouTube marketing, e-mail marketing, etc.). to know more about marketing visit https://bizbondit.com/digital-marketing/ and https://bizbondit.com/cpa-marketing/


This is one of the most popular talks among the learners who want to build their career as freelancers being an expert (Islam, 2019). However, the elaboration of SEO is search engine optimization, which is used to create an impact on ranking in terms of making sure the presence of the targeted website or content on the top due to achieve expected traffics and audiences (Digital Marketing Education – DigitalNovas, 2019). To know more about SEO please visit https://bizbondit.com/seo/

Graphic design & video editing

The importance of graphic design in the context of today’s world is becoming more popular because of its huge existing demands on the online and offline arena (Islam, 2019). If you are a creative person who wants to play with imaginary world graphic design and video editing sectors are for you to flourish your freelancing career. As a well-equipped experience graphic designer or video editing expert you will be enjoying the opportunity of earning a lucrative amount of money working in minimal time (Digital Marketing Education – DigitalNovas, 2019). To know about it more please visit https://bizbondit.com/web-design-2/

Web design and development

The world is more transforming into the digital world being a huge dominance of technology of the modern world. To make an identity in the digital world the importance of the websites to declare the presence of any type of organization is beyond the imagination (Digital Marketing Education – DigitalNovas, 2019). Therefore, it is needless to say the importance of the demand of web developer, web designer how much existing on the field. As an efficient web developer, you will be able to earn a lucrative amount of money as freelancers than any other expert in the digital space (Islam, 2019). To know more about the process exploring yourself as a web designer or web developer please visit https://bizbondit.com/wed-development/
Article writing

Article writing

There is a word that creative content is not the king but the kingdom that every king desire to have. If you consider yourself as a creative person who addicts with writing not consider it as a profession but an instinctual habit, then it will be your world (Digital Marketing Education – DigitalNovas, 2019). Exploring yourself as an expert article writer you can be a successful freelancer. However, to know more about exploring yourself as an expert creative article writer, more information as well as proper guideline please contact https://bizbondit.com/

Administrative support & Data entry

Besides as an expert on data entry and administrative support experts, you will get a lot of tasks for earning money working as freelancers on the digital space (Islam, 2019). You can also connect to https://bizbondit.com/ for getting a proper guideline on it.


There are many popular websites on the Internet that provide freelancing services called Freelance Marketplace. You can start by registering them in any one of these. Those websites who submit jobs are called Buyer or Client and those who complete these tasks are called Freelancer or Service Provider (van den Born and van Witteloostuijn, 2012). Many freelancers bid or apply for a job and mention how much money they can get done. From among them, the client can choose who he wishes. Freelancer’s comments usually play an important role in the selection of freelancers during the previous work experience, amount and bid. After selecting the freelancer, the client deposits the entire amount of work on those sites. After completion of the work, there is a guarantee of money immediately (Al-amin, 2012)
. Freelancers have to pay a specific portion of the work for the whole service as a fee or commission. This amount is different from websites and services (10% to 20%) (Al-amin, 2012). Here are some popular freelancing websites:


www.freelancer.com A Marketplace is a good place for freelancing. Many Bangladeshi freelancers have been working here successfully for a long time. This marketplace also introduces www.freelancer.com.bd as part of its expansion in Bangladesh. Apart from filing here, you can earn money even after participating in various concerts (Time Doctor, 2019). Many Bangladeshi freelancers have already won prizes in good contests in different contests.


www.upwork.com is a popular marketplace for freelancing. This freelance marketplace launched in 2003 was known as Odesk or Odesk.com. In 2005, another one was associated with the popular freelancing marketplace Elance Elance.com, which included the name of the work (Time Doctor, 2019). Here a freelancer can be at a fixed price or hour. The client can appoint you for a complete project or for a specific time (for a few weeks or a few months). At the time of registration, you have to specify the value of your work per hour. At the end of the work, you will be paid the same amount the amount you worked on the client. To set your time spent on working time, you have to turn on a software that will send screenshots of your desktop and other information to the client at a specific time (Time Doctor, 2019). As a result, the client can easily determine whether you are working at that time. But like many other sites, there are many jobs available where a specific amount of money is paid for the entire project. 10% of the work on this site is to be paid as a commission (Time Doctor, 2019). Since most of the work is provided as hours, it is possible to earn a lot more revenue from this site compared to other sites.

People Cross Hour www.peopleperhour.com

People cross hour or “PPP” (PeoplePerHour.com) is a UK based online marketplace. The marketplace for selling a skill similar to those found in the current online marketplace which offers the opportunity to outsource or freelancing different tasks (Time Doctor, 2019). Here is the contractor who wants to post jobs as a buyer, who can easily outsource the workman, who can sell his skills as a cellar. At the same time, you can buy a job and display it for sale, from which thousands of buyers or clients will be able to choose the desired work. PPH has not started much of its journey, in 2007, jointly launched Genius Tricivalu and Sims Quitars, the web-based organization. The branches are in London and New York City. At this moment, there are about 2.5 lakh active users in PPH, of which 1 lakh eighty thousand freelancers and seventy thousand clients or buyers (Time Doctor, 2019). The majority of clients or buyers are preferred instead of full-time professional companies, single-freelancers, who are developing small enterprises. For this reason, there is plenty of demand for independent freelancers from outside the PPH company.

how to get your payment

your payment is the motivation of your work; therefore, it is important to have a crystal idea about the procedure of drawn your payment after completing hard works (Perera, 2016). If you have no idea about how to draw up your payment then you will make fool yourself. All your hard works given hours after hours efforts can go into vain within few seconds. That is why it is necessary to have a comprehensive idea about the appropriate way of remuneration (Medium, 2018).
Banks are the safest way to complete your payment procedure. Balance transfer from some Marketplace directly into a bank account can be made. But in the marketplace where this system is not available, the fees can be transferred in the online payment transaction process (Medium, 2018). But it is a complicated process and it takes about one and a half months to finish all the works.

Regular clients usually do not go into trouble. They give freelancers work in e-mails or other ways and send the fees directly to the bank’s freelancers account. But there is a lot of experience required to get regular clients.
There is a type of debit card named Payoneer Prepaid Master Card. Using this card can be used to collect a certain amount of money directly from the marketplace (Medium, 2018). It is possible to make online shopping using this card.

Be prepare yourself, because you need to handle some problem to stable your freelancing career

Freelancing has opened up a lot of possibilities, and there are several obstacles to freelancing online (van den Born and van Witteloostuijn, 2012). There is no time limit, you will often not get any expected works for a month-long. Even you will not get enough remuneration doing a lot of works than months. Often, the client is late due to remuneration, many problems (Medium, 2018). Again, outsourcing is not recognized in our country as a profession. But the hope is that the viewpoint is changing now.
Bengali freelancers usually work on creating data entry, writing, web designing, multimedia, and content. These must be appreciated, but the most profitable work is web development and software development. Bangladesh is still lagging behind in this place. For this reason, the efficiency of Bangladeshi freelancers has to be increased, because the more efficiency, the more chance the reputation of the country!
Finally, last but not least, there is no short road to success. There is still a chance to work fuller through transparent concepts and appropriate instructions, not being confused with those who have been cheated in online job names. You can be the full claimant of this opportunity by hand stretching. Dream Career Freelancing can come in hand.
I have tried, to provide a complete guideline from the beginning to the end, how much I have not been able to do, I hope this effort will not be completely in vain.