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Freelancing Guideline

A Complete Guideline to Start Your Freelancing Career: How to Start Freelancing Career in The Context of Bangladesh –All-Pros and Cons, And Ways to Make Your Journey Safer & Sound Read More.

University Admission Model Test

Freshman and sophomore years for students are the most critical time in terms of building strong basics for students who are intending to explore themselves as university Read More

Academic Courses

As we discussed earlier, to build a qualified and productive nation, needs to drive them into the ocean of quality education that must be provided by the expert teachers on the various subjects which are not served .Read More

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To be a well visionary professional you must acknowledge the significance of managing pertinent proficiency. Conducting your valuable time properly, the completion of your liaison, your inward sagacity Read More.

Welcome to BizBond Academy

It is true that many schools in our country especially existing in remote areas are not enriched with qualified teachers. Although our country is well conscious of recruiting teachers for our ensuring proper quality so that they can provide enough quality education for the students. There is no doubt they are well qualified but it is an irony of fate not getting proper training on teaching, it becomes hard for some of them to ensure maximum quality.

Because there is a saying that there is always the scarcity of quality teachers. However, by understanding this urgency BizBond Academy has taken a project to connect with all the reputed teachers who are agreed with us to provide the services for the betterment of our country, from the reputed institutes from all over the country by its academy. so that they can conduct their teaching through online live streaming classes being part of our academy project, by which every student indiscriminately living far away from the capital city, villages or living in a remote area in our country can be benefited from their classes by connecting with our academy site. 

Teacher recruitment process of BizBond Academy:

As BizBond academy is wanting to spread quality education to provide nationwide indiscriminately for all with a view to keeping its little contribution to education sectors of our country, we deal our teacher recruiting process with the highest priority. We do not think that good teachers (with the quality of creative mind who can crack any hard topic into easiest way with view to making it easier and interesting to perceive for the students) not belong to reputed institutes in our capital city, they may stay at anywhere – may be in capital city, towns, villages or some remote parts of our country. Those teachers with outstanding qualities indiscriminately from anywhere who are encouraged with us to work for keeping their contribution in terms of building our nation are cordially welcome.

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